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Friendlies vs World Champions USA

The next major event for the Women is a trip to Denver, Colorado to play World Champions USA. This is a trip that although short will provide tremendous experience on what it is like to travel internationally to events.  In Game 2 it will be a landmark game vs Deaf Women USA in a Double header with the USA Women's national team who play Korea.  Massive game also because it will be Emma Hayes first game in charge of the US Women.


Amy Harrison Pre-Season Cup - Sunday 24th March 2024

Our Women entered this tournament to gain more experience playing together and to provide opportunities for new players top attend.  While results are often a focus we tend to not worry about results and put our teams up agains the best hearing team we can find.  In this tournament the women played against local Division 2 hearing teams that have played tighter for multiple seasons.  The game gave great experience to all our players, and local Division 2 is a good starting point for us to develop the squad further.



DIFA World cup 2023 Malaysia

September 2023


Coaching Changes

3 February 2019

Deaf Football Australia (DFA) would like to announce
the appointment of James Lambert to the role of
Head Coach.

James succeeds Robbie Stanton, who has reigned to
focus on his increasing responsibilities at Sydney FC.

DFA wishes to thank Robbie for his seven years
volunteering as Head Coach for the
National Deaf Football team, and is responsible for revolutionising the playing  style of deaf footballers coming through the organisation.

James Lambert holds the AFC/FFA Professional Diploma; the highest qualification a coach can hold in Asian football and has previously worked as the technical director and in senior coaching positions at Hills United, Blacktown City and Marconi football clubs. James counts Australian legend Paul Okon, former Marconi Head Coach Berti Mariani, and our own Robbie Stanton as inspiring mentors in his career.

James hails from England where his uncle played for the England and Great Britain Deaf national teams. James comes from a large family of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people and is well versed in the specific needs of our community.

James added: “This is an important period for the organisation.  We are approved and supported by the FFA and have a partnership agreement with Deaf Sports Australia. We are developing the first stage of the teaching model which will include creating a simple football language.

I would like to thank Robbie Stanton who worked tirelessly to develop deaf footballers over the last 11 years. Robbie is innovator who constantly challenges himself and those around him to further develop their game. We work well together because we approach football from different angles and enjoy debating various aspects of the game.

James is close to completing the national qualification of Training and Assessment. “our players suggested improving our inclusivity for deaf footballers. I started this course to help me understand how to design national courses and understand how to support the learning needs of our players.”

DFA Secretary Brian Seymour added “The organisation made this decision so we can continue to progress and grow. James has worked closely with Robbie for 3 years and understands how our national team playing model works. James is highly qualified and understands Deaf culture.  I would like to add my thanks to Robbie for is commitment to the organisation over the last 7 years. Robbie worked tirelessly to provide the players with high quality coaching. The session preparation, analysis and planning detail he brought made every camp and tournament lifted our preparation to standards of Australia’s national football teams.

March Training Camp

24 January 2019

Deaf footballers are invited to join us for an open training camp at Valentine Sports Park Complex on 2 and 3 March 2019. The camp will include training sessions with the national team coaching staff, and provides an opportunity for players to train with deaf national players.

Attendees may elect to trial for national selection, or join the Deaf Inclusion league team.

See the events page for more information, or email


Robert Stanton appointed Sydney FC Youth Coach
7th July 2015

Deaf Football Australia, both players and the management team, would like to congratulate Robbie Stanton, the current head coach of Deaf Football Australia on his appointment as Sydney FC Youth Coach.

Robbie Stanton will continue to work with the National Deaf Football team, especially for the upcoming Deaf Olympics Qualifiers, which will be held in Taipei in October.

Robbie Stanton has been part of Deaf Football Australia for almost 5 years, and his hard work with us has finally been recognised and rewarded.


Welcome James Lambert!
20th June 2015
Congratulations to James Lambert (Technical Director) on receiving the invitation to undertake the FFA Pro License Diploma. On behalf of the National Deaf Football team, we wish James Lambert all the best in his success and accomplishing his dream. Well done James.



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